Saturday 4:30-5:30

Brotha Nature! Is a solo beatboxing looping/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist from the pacific northwest. Born in Spokane, WA, he has been active in the music scene around the pnw for the last 4 years. With a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Electronic, Sampling, and Depthy Hip hop roots, he creates beats on the fly with very unorthodox tactics. The music is constantly evolving. Brotha Nature has been featured on tons of local and regional lineups and festivals in recent years. Nature has played alongside a plethora of artists such as The Nappy roots, Lafa Taylor and The Pimps of joytime, Amplive and iLL-Esha, Abstract RudeSage Francis, R.A. The rugged man w/ A.F.R.O., Devin the Dude,  Nacho Picasso, Yak Attack, and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. With a global focus, Brotha Nature plans to begin touring through Europe and Asia as well as all over the United states within the next few years.