Good Brews is a craft beer centered talk show, specifically focusing on brewers in the Northwest region. Featuring interviews with local brewers, pub owners and staff, beer distributors, connoisseurs, and members from the home-brew community. Discussions include topics of interest surrounding the regional craft beer industry, including Hop growing, farming, malting, water, etc. Re-occurring segments include:

  • New & Notable Potables: A look at new and notable beers available in the area
  • Brewing Science: A focus on aspects of the science and technique in the brewing process
  • Style Profile: The history and details of numerous beer styles, both new and old
  • History of Beer: Looking at an event/individual that had a significant impact on beer
  • Brews News: Beer news and events from around the region
  • Brew Tech: New and innovative brew gadgets and technology shaping the future of beer
  • And our “Beer of the Week”

Join Adam Boyd for “Good Brews”, every Sunday at 5PM on KYRS, Thin Air Community Radio, 88.1 & 92.3FM.